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My ukuleles are starting to get out there now.  Although I can’t mass produce them, by taking them to good music festivals and guitar shows I have been able to get them into the hands of many wonderful players.  There are a few hundred scattered around the world.  Eric Bibb has one of my baritones, Loudon Wainwright III has a soprano and Del Rey bought a Jarrah concert ukulele for her mother. I am starting to gather comments from my clients and will post them below......

“I just returned two hours ago from a FANTASTIC two-week trip to Western Australia, particularly Perth and Albany.  One of the truly wonderful experiences there was to share our workshop with Scott Wise, one of the world's very best ukulele makers.   All our retreat attendees simply raved about his ukuleles and musicianship.” Kimo Hussey, Hawaii.

“hey Scott......the tenor ukulele arrived last weekend .....in great  condition .with no problems....I have been playing  it at my gig at  the Halekulani hotel ..and as I suspected.it is a great fit and  addition to my Hawaiian trio sound..my band mates seem to favor this ukulele with the music we play...so everybody is happy .....and enjoying your super instrument....”  Douglas  Tolentino, Hawaii

“It’s exquisite!”  Margy Hanly , Jennacabine, Western Australia.  Concert Uke with Baggs Five-0 pickup.

“I love my Scott Wise uke; it is beautiful to look  at, sounds great and is a lot of fun to play. Scott put a pickup in it  so that I can use it with my rock band and they can hear me over the  electric guitars!! Except for the Wise guitar I have, my Wise ukulele is my favourite instrument!”  Hilary Drummond, Oliver, B.C. Canada. Tenor with MiSi acoustic trio pickup.

“I bought the 14 fret tenor from Gerry today - love it.”  Barry Stuckey, Victoria, Australia

“My Wise ukes will keep me happy for at least the next 50 years....” Bill Rigg, Falcon W.A.

“The Scott ukulele I've had for three years is the best  ukulele I've played or even heard. I play it every day. It is pure  pleasure.” Eitan Friedman, Fremantle, Western Australia.

“As a double bass player I've been delighted with the quality of sound  and precision I get from my Wise Acacia Bass Ukulele. I would never have thought it possible to get such a warm, stringy and full sound from  such a small body. At home, the acoustic sound is strong enough for me  to be able to practice and learn new patterns, and I can play with a few of my ukulele friends and still be heard. When performing, it is  amusing to watch the audience looking for where the big bass sound is  coming from. And, of course, the Acacia Bass Uke is easy to travel with.

I confess that I also have a beautiful Wise concert ukulele which I  enjoy very much -  finally diminished and augmented chords really make  sense to me! The Tasmanian blackwood  bodies make a  very warm but crisp and interesting sound.

I'm not sure who said it, but it is true that "you're never sorry  you buy a good instrument".  Every time I play I give thanks for the joy  that Scott Wise's instruments have brought into our lives.  Gary Burke, Fremantle, Western Australia.

Howdy Scott , I got one of your Ukes made in 1981 .And that’s a long time ago . Still getting played at gigs and at home by me and my kids and still sounding great xxx love it . Gets lots of comments . Jody Bell, Melbourne, Australia.

“My lovely little ukulele calls to me as I wake in the morning and has me take it wherever I go”  Rachel Armstrong, Fremantle, Western Australia.

“My uke arrived today - and I love it!  It not  only looks good, it's feels good and has a lovely mellow sound as you  mentioned.  It has a great resonance and I know I'll get a great deal of  joy using it.  It'll give me the urge to do more picking, as the sound has  a lovely ring to it.” Wendy Townsend, New South Wales.